3 thoughts on “Watch “Martha & The Muffins – Echo Beach (1980)” on YouTube”

  1. Great song. I think I first heard it on a Greatest Hits album (dedicated to many song artists) that my parents got me for Christmas when I was a kid. Thank you for uploading it. 🎶

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  2. In the early 80s, a bunch of us used to go to Sherkston Beach up in Canada … it wasn’t anything like it is now … it was just a beach & a campgrounds with a quarry, not the “resort” that it is today. But there were two beaches there, one was Pleasant Beach (the bis one with the dunes) & Elco Beach, a smaller, thinner one, closer to the woods. Anyway, whenever this song came on the radio, we’d all sing “Elco Beach”, not “Echo Beach” … I have pics of me camping & partying on Elco Beach … FORTY YEARS ago LOL.

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